A person may buy gold coins for any number of reasons. A major reason is for investment purposes. Today’s economy is uncertain and fragile. Gold is a good safe investment and a wise way to protect your portfolio.

Another reason why people purchase gold coins is because gold goes up in value. Gold appreciates, and the demand for rare gold coins is quite avid among collectors.

Buying gold coins is a solid investment plan. Regardless of why someone is buying the coins, it actually works as an investment. You can buy gold and feel safe that your investment won’t lose value.

Start by being smart. Find an honest and reputable dealer, and buy your coins through this dealer. When you find someone you can trust you’ll feel better about making your investments. You want to find someone who is a member of one of the two major gold associations. This helps you know you will be getting the genuine article.

The next step for you is to determine how much to buy at the time. Gold you buy is effectively locked in at that price. You need to decide how much to buy at the current amount because you have the chance gold could go up – or down – in value.

There is a possible down side to buying gold coins of course. If you pick the wrong dealer, you can be overcharged for your purchase. Being cheated is very unpleasant. Pick a good dealer to avoid this.

You want to find the best reputable dealer you can. Remember though, the dealer does have to make a living and stay in business. Any dealer will have to sell wears slightly above market value. If they sold at or below cost, they’d go out of business quickly!

If you do some research, it’s a simple matter to teach yourself how much gold coins should cost. This will help you make wise decisions in planning your investment.

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