When I first heard about automated forex trading, I had to ask myself if it was really as good as it sounded, especially since I was still trying to find my own answer to the forex trading riddle.

I had been working the forex markets for nearly a year and was still having a hard time finding good trades, in large part because of my full time job that left me little time to watch the markets.

I looked into several of the robots that are out there, but the one that seemed like it would really meet my needs is the Forex Megadroid Robot. The scary thing for me is that I knew this could be a huge risk and every time I thought I might try it, part of me would start worrying all over again and I wouldn’t go through with it.

I know that most people would share my concerns, but I found something really interesting on the Forex Megadroid Robot website that helped convince me otherwise. I discovered that you can try this great little robot for free.

I’ve had nightmares about turning my trading account over to a robot then finding out it had lost every penny on bad trades and there would go all the wonderful things I had planned to do for the family with the money from my forex trading.

Then I discovered that the Forex Megadroid Robot is programmable, so you can select the risk level you’re most comfortable with, and you can put the whole thing to the test without having to pay anything or putting your trading accounts at risk. Is this really possible?

You can keep trading forex without ever creating a live account. There is zero risk. Once you see things trending, though, with no chance of losing your cash, you’ll be eager to jump right in and start making more money.

Naturally, the website promises huge amounts of cash flowing into your account, which I haven’t seen yet, but then I’ve kept it on the low risk settings so far and haven’t really let it loose. Once I move the robot to the higher risk settings there’s no telling how much I’ll be able to make!

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