If you want to become involved with foreign currency exchange or Forex you will require a Forex account. That is obvious enough, I think, because it is just too expensive, the overheads are just too high, to just go into the bank and buy a few thousand dollars worth of any currency you think will rise in value.

If you open a foreign currency trading account with a Forex broker, you will never actually see the notes of the currency you buy or sell, it is all done electronically and so the transaction is much cheaper..

You can find a Forex dealer by typing those words into a search engine, but actually you are no better off then. You will have a list of names, sure, but you will still not know which one is preferable. If you trust my opinion, I would like to suggest that you start with my favourite. I say my favourite, but it is also the biggest online Forex trader in the world, turning over $70 billion each and every month.

Not only that but it has achieved all this, set up a business and risen to world pre-eminence since its establishment in 2002. That must tell you something, eh? The company’s name is Advanced Currency Markets. It is Swiss, but it has branches all around the world too.

There are many other Forex brokers too. In fact, the numbers of Forex traders or brokers has mushroomed since home computers and the Internet became popular after about 1995. This means that unsurprisingly there are some that are worse than others and some that are practically fictitious, so you would be intelligent to take a couple of precautions before you part with any money.

The first thing to do is visit the web site. Look around and try to get a sense for the place. Are there lots of spelling mistakes? are there dead links? Send a message to support, did you get a reply? Did it come quickly enough for you?

Type the name into Google again with the word ‘problems’, such as ‘Advanced Currency Markets problems’. See what other people think of the company. Check out the company’s foreword about itself, do they make it seem as if you will be wealthy soon after opening a Forex account with them? If they do, be wary.

You will be required to transfer money into your new Forex account sooner or later. This is normal and it should not concern you if the company is abroad, although I personally would stick with the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. If you like, you could ask your bank to check out the recipient of your money, just to be sure. It may also give you cover, if you money goes missing.

It is much easier to escape being scammed these days, as long as you do your homework. Research is the key on the Internet and the same holds true for when you are looking for a trustworthy online Forex broker.

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