Betting programs are selling like hotcakes. With the economy down and so many people losing their jobs, there is a need to find new ways of earning a stable income.

Trading has always been seen as a steady way to earn a decent living so more people are going in it now.

What I find really problematic with all these betting programs is the way they try and lure people into buying their software by promising all the impossible. So people unwittingly purchase their product, finds out that it is a bunch of crap and then label everything as a scam.

How do you tell one from the other then? I have been using the same program for a few months now and it is named Forex Killer.

Forex Killer is what you would call a signal generator software. It is called so because Forex Killer can generate trading signals for the trader to follow.

It is important that day traders always couple any program they use with other strategies that they may have found to be useful.

What I do with Forex Killer is just to confirm the price trend every time I have a problem with the short term or long term prices of the currency that I would like to bet in.

A totally great thing about Forex Killer is that the program only asks you to pay for a one time fee in order to use the service.

Most programs that are similar to Forex Killer require monthly fees for you to keep your subscription to the service. Using Forex Killer translates in huge savings and you even get free updates.

What I have problems with is the technical part of Forex Killer. The program can be a little difficult to operate for someone who is new to the world of forex trading.

But if this becomes a bother, one can always contact the customer service which have proved to be very helpful.

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