A great way for option traders to generate consistent income in extremely volatile markets is called Gamma Scalping . When the market / underlying instrument is making huge moves and swinging around wildly, this is a strategy that thrives – unlike the traditional monthly income strategies such as iron condors, calendars, credit spreads, etc.

One way to think of gamma scalping is to compare it to day trading – where the trader is looking to capture profits from quick little moves – however the difference here is that due to this strategy set up – most of the risk that is normally associated with day trading has been removed. The set up for this trade can profit regardless of what the stock or index being used winds up doing. If it moves up, a gain is made. If it moves down, a gain is made. And then, when a profit has been realized, the trader can immediately lock in that profit and ‘re-set’ the position so that it will profit again regardless what happens from that point forward.

Similar to a straddle, when using this strategy, we don’t care what the market ends up doing. We are properly set up to profit either way. Up or down, it doesn’t matter. The underlying just needs to move.

This option trading method allows the trader to continually grab – or ‘scalp’ – profits from the same trade position. Once a profit is realized from a move either up or down, the trader locks in that gain using a super easy to implement adjustment method that not only captures that profit – but also re-sets the position to once again profit either way the underlying winds up going. And this can be done, over and over again on the same position.

How many times have you purchased a stock or option and wound up actually being right and seeing some profits – only to have the underlying immediately turn around and retreat back to it’s starting position wiping out all the profits?

Gamma Scalping eliminates this. When profits are realized – gamma scalping allows you to capture them forever. And if the underlying continues the move – or heads back to where it started from – MORE profits continue.

During wild crazy times, especially like the extremely volatile markets we are currently experiencing in the markets, Gamma Trading should be considered a ‘must have’ method for option traders to learn how to use correctly.

And along with being stress free and profitable – it’s fun too.

To find out more about gamma scalping , visit Ted Nino’s site on how to correctly trade the iron condor and gamma scalping strategies for consistent income.

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