To get a simple and straightforward experience of the exchange, it mostly helps to have a detailed awareness of its basic ideas. Before we move on to appreciate what a stock exchange is, let us inspect the meaning of the word, ‘stock. ‘ In business terms, a stock is the tiniest unit of possession a company offers to willing investors. If a backer owns a part of the company, he / she shares the possession of the company with other shareholders.

Investors do not just share part of the company, they also have a say in important matters of the company ; for instance, the inherent right to vote for the members of the board. A stockholder also has got the right to demand the firm’s annual reports whenever he / she needs.

A company can’t take a stockholder for granted. Almost all of the profits the company makes need to be distributed reasonably among its stockholders. There are several reasons that explain why a company feels the need to sell out shares into the market. It may be a need to increase the business and induct new staff or to introduce a fresh product in the market. Irrespective of the reasons for a firm to come out of the closet, the shareholders play a very important role in deciding its future market position.

The idea of capped liability is one novel property of stock possession. This feature implies that in case the company misses out on a legal action and arrives at a position whereby it has got to pay out a serious judgment, the stockholders may not be influenced so radically. The worst that will happen to the stockholder is the cost of the stock becoming valueless. In cases such as this, creditors don’t usually come to seize the private assets of investors. However this market behaviour isn’t always consistent, especially in the event of privately held corporations.

There are generally 2 types of stocks- common stock and preferred stock.

When we are saying common stock, we mean the major bulk of stock owned by the general public. This class of stock permits the speculators to vote and the power to procure dividends. Dividends are a part of the profits of a corporation that are shared by the investors and are customarily given out on a quarterly basis. It’s the common stock that generally decides the mood of the stock market- if you read or hear about the market going ‘up ‘ or ‘down, ‘ it is always about common stock.

Preferred stock differs from common stock thru one serious property- preferred speculators get higher dividends compared against common investors. However as the name implies, preferred stock hasn’t got too many advantages apart from high dividends. Yet there are lots of stockholders who are ready to place their confidence on preferred stock in the interests of consistent dividends. If you are looking to go for preferred stock, always make efforts to select trusty companies that are known to generate significant profits. This will make sure you of a good and continual flow of rewarding dividends from the company.

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