If you scan the internet, you will find out that a new trading robot gets released almost every month.

Because there are hundreds of these programs available online now, it becomes extremely confusing to choose which one to purchase. All of these programs work quite similarly only that a few programs have distinct features absent in the others.

Recently I was able to encounter Forex Autopilot, an automated forex trading program that employs the metatrader platform.

It was designed by professional day trader named Marcus Leary. It is famously advertised in the internet as a program that will make inexperienced traders into millionaires just with a few clicks a day.

What person could resist the thought of essentially becoming a millionaire just by doing nothing but a few simple clicks? This can be really tempting but before you purchase Forex Autopilot, you must be aware of a few basic things first.

Before you get into any decision, it’s imperative that you know what you’re getting into.

What really then is Forex Autopilot? In a nutshell, Forex Autopilot is a kind of automated currency trading bot that can trade on your behalf by using a fund that you have initially set-up.

But it is necessary for you to set up the parameters first before you have the bot on autopilot. Setting the parameters require fundamental knowledge about foreign exchange.

What is really convenient in the program though is the fact that it provides a demonstration mode which will allow any user to make use of a dummy account wherein one can practice trading until one gets confident enough of the system to start using real money.

As advertised, I have found out that Forex Autopilot is an accurate trading bot and that losses do not usually happen. However, when they do, the loss is usually a significant amount which can damage your profits.

Just so that you do not lose that much, never risk more than 50% of your capital even if the gains may not be that high.

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