A new trader will require some time to learn the tactics of the biggest financial market of the world. With time and practise, trader learns how forex generates wealth. To become successful one should have its own portfolio which describes his skills and the amount of liquidity he holds. But at the same time it’s true that in the beginning traders are counselled to capitalize less.

When you are new it is always a good habit to put in a small share of your total amount because due to lack of experience you may lose money. This small investment in advantageous as it reduces the risk chances but at the same time it also reduces the chances of earning profit.

Apart from decreasing the risk these small investments also helps the traders in one more way. The traders gain some confidence when they look complete small deals fruitfully one after the other. Even if they lose in such deals it will not hamper their confidence but will give some experience.

There is a necessity to maintain a balance between practical and theoretical knowledge. Learning all FX theories can’t help you out in earning money every time because many things are learnt when you actually make a deal. Practically and theoretical skill together helps in improving your portfolio.

In beginning 500$ mini account is fine to practise in market but this needs to be widen with time. All professional traders holding an inspiring portfolio suggests that one should have an account of minimum 100,000$. In order to reach up to the top level so as to increase your wealth step by step and to build your own portfolio, you need to follow some basic ideas.

The second step is to put the tactics learnt from experience in every deal you make. A common mistake many traders do is that they borrow money from somewhere and then invest it but this should never be done. The main reason behind this is that borrowed money puts an additional pressure on trader’s mind which restricts his thinking abilities.

The next thing is to venture in to different currency pair after gaining expertise in a pair. A trader should not limit himself either by the investment amount or by currency pair. One needs to understand that forex generates wealth but it’s up to you how well you are able to implement your knowledge.

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