NASDAQ, Dow Jones, BSE & NSE; Do they ring any bell? They surely must have. Not every one knows what the color of money is, but what people do know is they want to feel more money and see more money.

Another undeniable fact is that the constantly increasing number of the average human would never need to jeopardise his money, which for him, is the only method of existence. In the final analysis, it is the human itching for more that makes him fall prey to his urge and makes him take a plunge.

The only thing that makes the average investor lose out, is his inexperience. The Raging Bull lures many new people into its arena, but little do they realize what’s in store for them. The market trends are tough to gauge. No one can ever be sure how high or low will stocks leap! Everything on earth has a risk involved, so does this market. We can’t live with it but we can work around it.

Imagine an eventuality where you as a greenhorn financier opt to take a dip. Based totally on one or two tips from one or two places, you make your pick. The chance is that you may hit the nail, or could be you may get nailed. Each player who is a baseline, be it a game, trade, business ( relies upon whatever you cal it ) has had some level of practice and has learned things the hard way. Folks have lost plenty of hope, money and plenty of other things trying to work out the market. They needed to do it the difficult way because they did not have a place to hone their talents. A place where they could learn tricks of the trade, where they could make an investment without the phobia of losing anything and at the exact same time, learn more than the others.

But the question still remains! Would there be such a place. Is it one of those wonderland parties that people always think about and never find? Well!! Not this time. This time round all you speculators are in for a very good time. It fills me with pride to show you the game of your lifetime. The SenSex Simulation!! This game is a range of all that I have gathered over time.

The Game is a total duplication of the markets with live feeds for the values of stocks. Registered members get to mess around with money in their account, using which they can buy and sell off stocks. The game would also give you your daily statistics. These would include your portfolio, the value of your stocks, and whether you have gained or lost out, relative to the market. The SenSex Simulation gives you a platform to stand out of the ring and have a look and feel of the rumble.

By the point you know the guidelines, you are too far past it it play the game! it is not ever too late to start to learn. Life is an endless circle. Somebody , who doesn’t stop learning, never stops growing.

It is time to tame the BULL!!

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