A decision to make our involvement in the Forex trade full time can bring a great difference to our finances. Maybe we have already considered this option but our move has been held back by some unavoidable factors in life. To many people, a fulltime venture into Forex trading is just but a dream since time is not on our side, we have suffered sour deals in the past or maybe we don’t have the right gateway to be successful fulltime Forex traders. But below we’ll show you how to become a fulltime Forex Trader with three tricks used in the market.

For the part-time Forex investor looking to be established full time, you will need full knowledge of the basics of Forex trade applied in everyday transactions. The knowledge ranges from knowing the best times to buy and sell as well as the wisdom on currency pairing. A newer knowledge on how to become a full time Forex trader is professionalizing on the Automated Trading Systems.

We begin with the trade time knowledge as part of the tips on how to become a full time Forex trader. Forex trading is a 24 hour business but the best trading times for the business are during the early daylight hours or much late in the evening. These are the times when trader liquidity (trader willingness to sell stocks) is at its peak. So anyone who is fully employed can make maximum transactions early before reporting time or later when you are done with the day’s work.

The last market trick we can employ to know how to become a fulltime Forex Trader is becoming geniuses with the Automated Trading System. This is a computer program that has all the stock market fed into it. They can be the best advisors when to buy and when to sell at any time of the day. With this system you can freely become a fulltime Forex investor even s you work in your office.

So how to become a fulltime Forex Trader is not a hard thing to learn. Actually with the above tricks you can be established and successful for a longtime.

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When you are performing the trade of any type, there are chances of loss or profit. If there is failure in business, after that, there might be few causes and it is obligatory for you to resolve all those difficulties that are causing failure. If you are executing the forex trade, then there might be loss or profit for you. In case of facing a loss, you have to understand the causes and try to resolve them. You must find out “why do people lose trading forex”, hence, you could choose the right way.

First of all, people must gather information about the market. Never try to trade on the base of assumptions. You must understand that this market is very hard, fast and volatile, and targets could not be achieved with out having proper understanding of this market. You must study a forex book in order to gather all valuable information.

You must not follow those tips that are given by your friends or strangers, because there are lots of dangers in this kind of trade. Working on the tips of others is not the wise act, because the person who is giving you tips might not have right understanding of the market. This kind of act is not trading, it is gambling.

You might mislay your money owing to payment of gigantic fees to the agents and to the trading platforms. It is obligatory for you to locate a cheap trading stage or a reliable agent. Try to bargain every fee, since any fee is significant for you.

You might face a loss due to the emotions. There is general rule of buying the instruments when market is high and selling the instruments when there is recession in the market. People might feel panic when they look recession in the market and they make the wrong decision. In this way, you might face a decrease in your profits and an increase in your losses.

This business is a global business that can be operated 24 hours a day in different markets of the world. You might lose your money if you are not holding trading software for your activities. You must make it possible that there is software for your help.

If you are doing above mentioned mistakes, after that, you must evade these, so that you could go in the right direction. You must get help from those contents that are about the subject “why do people lose trading forex”.

Adam Woods has been trading forexfor Many years and until then with Not Much success. Adam Woods then joined The World Forex Club where he has gained the Forex Education that he needed to sky rocket his earnings in the forex market.. Check here for free reprint license: Why Do People Lose Trading Forex-Vital Considerations?.

The Gold & Silver Play Has Gone To Greed?

The past few months it seems the gold and silver play has been getting a little crowded with everyone wanting to own gold. While I am a firm believer that these precious metals are a great hedge/investment long term, I can’t help but notice the price action and volume for both metals which looks to me like they are getting exhausted.

Silver – Daily Chart The silver chart below shows an extremely high volume reversal candle in early November which typically leads to lower prices and some times a major change in the trend. That being said silver remains in an uptrend with the possibility of a bullish pennant forming. On the other hand there is a possible head and shoulders pattern forming. I will be looking for light volume sideways chop keeping a close eye for a possible neckline breakdown or a momentum thrust to the upside for a possible trade.

Gold – Daily Chart Gold is forming a bullish and bearish pattern also giving us a mixed signal. I am currently neutral on gold and not really looking to take part until we get some type of clear price action.

US Dollar – 60 Minute Chart The dollar has shown some strength recently. The US dollar play has been to take the short side, and a couple weeks ago we saw the dollar breakdown from yet another consolidation. It seems like everyone shorted the dollar yet again. That could have been a key pivot low for the dollar. On the weekly chart that bounce was off a major support trend line helping add some fuel to the rally I would think.

The chart below shows the recent rally and breakout to the upside. Currently the dollar is pulling back to test the breakout level (support). It will be interesting to see how this week unfolds. If the dollar bounces then we just may see metals break below their necklines to make another heavy volume drop.

Weekly Precious Metals Update: In short, I have mixed feelings for gold and silver. Yes I think they are good long term plays, but after the run they have had it is also very possible a much deeper correction is about to take place and we may not see new highs for another year. That is a long time to have money sitting in an investment when it can be put to work in other investments. I know the herd (general public) is all head over heals in love with gold and silver which is one of the reasons why I think we are nearing a top if we didn’t already see it a couple weeks ago.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying to sell of go short metals… not yet anyways. They are both still in an up trend but some interesting things are unfolding which could cause big action in the coming weeks.

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How do Worldwide Forex Markets Work?

Forex is also considered by the nickname of FX or foreign market exchange. Those involved in the foreign exchange markets are normally the biggest, most wealthy businesses and financial establishments from around the world.

Their dealings include multiple currencies from several countries to create that balance between those who will gain and others are going to lose money. The basic principles of forex are similar to that of most countries, but on a much larger, bigger scale. It includes a variety of people, money and switches back and forth across the world in every country.

Different currency rates happen and change every day so what the value of the dollar may be one day could be higher or lower the next. Forex trading can be hard to keep track of so you must dedicate yourself to watch closely or if you are investing huge amounts of money, you could lose large amounts of money. The main trading areas for forex, happens in Tokyo, London, and New York and in many other hub locations around the world where forex trading does take place.

The types of currency that are commonly traded are the Swiss franc, the Australian dollar, the British pound, the United States dollar, the Eurozone euro and the Japanese yen. You can trade any one currency against another and you can trade from that currency to another currency in order to attain supplemental interest and monetary gains.

Forex trading will start at one hour and then close shop as a different market enters the fray. The same thing is common between global stock exchanges as some time zones are actioning transactions and trading during different time frames.

The conditions of forex trades in one region might create various results in another forex exchange as the countries take turns opening and closing with the time zones. Exchange rates are going to vary from one forex trade to another and individual traders and financial brokers will want to be informed of the rates between currencies each day before investing.

The stock exchange is primarily measured on various products and their value as well as other financial factors that could alter the cost of shares. Whenever someone discovers a potentially company altering event before the public is aware, it is considered inside trading, utilizing secret information to make trades based on these findings — which is an illegal venture.

There is not so much this kind of illegal activity the forex exchange. Buying and selling of stocks is the root of the forex stock market but very little is based on business secrets, but rather it depends on the state of currencies and economies around the world.

A three letter code is attached to every currency on the forex exchange so there is no misunderstanding about which currency or which country one is making transactions with. The euro is the EUR and the United States dollar is listed as the USD. GBP stands for the British pound and JPY stands for the Japanese yen. If forex trading seems interesting to you and you want to get in touch with a forex brokerage you can find many online where you can review the company, information and transactions ahead of throwing your money down the drain.

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A Closer Look at the Forex Exchange Markets

The mystery that is the foreign exchange market can in addition be called FX or it is fine to be called the forex. All of these stand for the same thing, which is the concern of buying and selling between various companies, banks, businesses, and authorities that are based in different countries. The monetary marketplace is one that is ever-changing leaving needed transactions to be taken care of by factors and banks.

Because the internet has opened up the world to foreign markets, scams have developed to rip off those people who don’t know that a licensed broker needs to oversee all market transactions and do so with direct participation involved in foreign exchanges.

Stocks, cash and monies are exchanged through foreign stock exchange so forex will always be involved when there are two currencies being traded. Imagine going on a journey to a far away country. Where is a good place to exchange your cash for the currency from the country you are visiting? This is the basis by which forex works, and it isn’t common in every single bank or financial business because forex is a special exchange service.

Those who are trying to make big money are the victims of scams when it comes to learning about the ins and outs of foreign markets. Because forex is considered to be a way to make a fast dollar, people don’t question the details, but if you are investing money in forex without a broker, a loss of all your money can certainly be expected.

Scams to watch out for:

Forex scams involve making trades but fake results will become evident and you’ll not have an opportunity of getting your money back once you have invested it. If you were to invest money with a company stating they are experienced in trading in foreign markets, you will want to do some background checks to ensure they are permitted to do business in your country. Many companies are not permitted in the foreign exchange markets as they have scammed people previously.

In the last five years, with the help of web sites, forex exchanges and the easy information of forex trading has become all the rage. Banking institutions are the top of the line for forex exchanges to occur, where a licensed forex broker can assist you in making the most informed trades. The forex broker makes commissions on each trade, and it is the common way to handle stock transactions.

A different type of fraud that is common in the forex markets is software’s that are supposed to help you make transactions. You must be focused when looking into forex trading, and to practice and be prepared for following and making trades.

You should successfully depend on a program or software that will make a difference in your knowledge level. Meet with your forex exchange agent to better understand forex, the FX marketplace, and also how to keep from being the victim while investing in these markets.

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With systems for options trading strategy evolving at a rapid speed, option trading software has grown a lot more strong, indicating that it’s able to handle massive levels of information and running it quickly, and a great deal more accessible in that user interfaces are starting to be a lot more intuitive. If you’re looking at introducing an options trading strategy in your all round investing strategy, there are several specifics that you’ll need to take under consideration when you look at the option trading software products which are available.

In this article, we will examine a couple of the primary things to consider. I recommend you don’t regard this an exhaustive report, but make the time to complete your own personal study prior to going out in the domain of options trading strategy with your software of choice.

Incorporation in to your brokerage house accounts

When evaluating an option trading software program for your own options trading strategy, see whether or not the software will assimilate with your own options brokerage house portfolio and just how conveniently it can operate. Several of the leading option trading software programs can be acquired by way of broker companies and therefore, you will require an account with the appropriate brokerage. Furthermore, many systems “partner” with brokerages and therefore are not entirely owned or offered by that brokerage house. Lastly, several option trading software applications are standalone and allow you to employ impressive functions to trade at just about any brokerage house you select.

Paper trading or “back testing” research

As you include an options trading strategy in to your investing portfolio, you could assess every single tactic as a paper trade ahead of its setup, and that means you may carry out a number of fictional positions without the need of investing money to evaluate a tactic before its execution. Make sure that the option trading software that you’re thinking of lets you track paper trades along with “back testing” to help you cautiously prepare your very own tactic. Back testing permits you to use real past historical stock market situations to find out precisely how your individual strategy might have worked out in virtually any market situations.

Analysis and reporting

The most crucial aspect in analyzing the option trading software application that suits your own trading style is the level of analysis and reporting that you might want. That being said, this can be the key basis for making use of a program of this design. Can the software produce the information and historical analysis that you will need to successfully perform your options trading strategy? Generally there are so many strong functions incorporated into an option trading software that you will want to know which you will value and use on a daily basis.

Once again, this is not intended to be an exhaustive listing of things to consider when looking for an option trading software for your options trading strategy, however, these criteria are a great starting place for your investigation. With good examination and research, I am confident you’ll choose a program which can satisfy your options trading strategy.

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Day Trading Facts

A lot of us want to try what fate brings for us in the world of stocks once in a while. As they find the stock market a gold mine which will never let them go empty handed. Of all trading arrangements, day trading attracts most of the people as it is convenient, very promising and very quick. This convenience and promising nature of day trading is what makes most of the people try their luck in the world of stocks and shares.

Day trading methods actually is the form of business where each deal closes with in a single day. The businessmen get their desired deal of stock or shares or any other pact and resell it by the end of the official business day. Though it sounds simple, there is much that meets the eye. Has your mind ever nudged you to ponder over a hand full of people’s golden fate in the stock and trading business where clusters of candidates come in and try their luck on daily basis? It is for a fact that people think of this just as a lottery and do not try to learn about the business strategies and tactics. Just a good guess and pocket full of money will land them into big profits. Well, this is hardly what is close to reality. So, if you want to join the trading team for good, you must get a little know how of the basics.

Day trading stocks just as any other arrangement in the world, needs to be properly and well studied – the strategies and technicalities of the business and without this knowledge your start is going to be a lost game. So, you need to get serious, and should spend some of your precious time in learning the basics of this trade, the strategies and techniques. A number of beginners try to get in the game without preparing themselves properly as they think of it as a burden. But it is strongly recommended for the new buds to have a thorough study of what you are going to do or want to do and also contact the professionals in the field to get first hand information and guidance.

Moreover, another very important thing is to evaluate your financial circumstances. Although it is better to put relatively large sum on different stocks to increase the chances of success however, if you cannot afford to do this do not even think about it. The only money you can offer in the field is the one you think you can risk losing to try your luck. Also observe all your dealings very carefully and notice when and how you made the wrong choices.

All in all, you cannot possibly think of being a professional if you don’t know the basics.

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CALGARY, ALBERTA-(Marketwire – Jan. 21, 2011) – Antioquia Gold Inc. (TSX VENTURE:AGD) (“Antioquia”) is pleased to announce that it has agreed to the terms of a non-brokered private placement (“Private Placement”) for up to 19,455,495 common shares of Antioquia at a price of Cdn$0.40 per common share for gross proceeds to Antioquia of up to Cdn$7,782,198. The proceeds of the private placement will be used primarily to accelerate exploration efforts at Antioquia’s principal asset the Cisneros Project located 70 kilometres northeast of Medellin in the Department of Antioquia, Colombia.

The Private Placement will be subscribed by Desafio Minero S.A.C. (“Desafio”) which previously completed a non-brokered offering and entered into a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Antioquia on August 13, 2010. Closing of the Private Placement is expected to occur on or before January 31, 2011, and is subject to acceptance by applicable securities regulatory authorities including the TSX Venture Exchange.

Desafio is the exploration arm of Consorcio Minero Horizonte S.A. (“Horizonte”), the fifth largest gold producer and second largest underground gold producer in Peru, producing approximately 200,000 ounces of gold in 2010. Horizonte and Desafio are both privately held and controlled by the Navarro-Grau Group (“Group”). In addition to its producing mines, the Group has a strong pipeline of projects at the exploration and development stage, and is actively involved in expanding its operational footprint and developing new mining opportunities in Peru and other parts of Latin America.

The funds from the Private Placement will be used to aggressively accelerate the current surface exploration program to expand the drill targets and potential gold bearing structures. Development of two underground tunnels will also be initiated to facilitate further drilling on the Guayabito and La Manuela structures and provide data for grade control and resource estimation and to facilitate bulk samples for future metallurgical test work.

Richard Thibault, President and CEO of Antioquia, commented, “The investment by Desafio provides Antioquia with the funds needed to accelerate the exploration program at the Cisneros Project. We are also fortunate to be able to draw on Horizonte’s 32 years of experience in the exploration, development and operation of this type of underground narrow-vein deposit. This experience will become increasingly important as the Cisneros project passes onto development and production.”

Felix Navarro-Grau Hurtado, a Board Director of Desafio, commented, “We believe that this participation demonstrates a further endorsement of Antioquia and the Cisneros Project by Desafio; and our desire to strengthen our relationship and cooperation to continue advancing the exploration programs.”

Antioquia Gold Inc.

Antioquia is a precious metal exploration company with projects in Colombia since 2007. Antioquia’s principal asset, which is being actively explored, is its Cisneros Project, located 70 km northeast of Medellin in the Department of Antioquia, Colombia. At the Cisneros Project the Company has drilled over 13,300 metres, conducted extensive geophysical programs and is well versed in the understanding of the deposit type and the project’s path to production. The Cisneros Project consists of 5,630 hectares and forms the nucleus of the Company’s 37,500-hectare land package located throughout Colombia.

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comprehending adjustable notes

Companies always need financing for their projects and investments. For this purpose, some companies, especially big ones, create financial instruments like debentures. Debentures are debt instruments much like bonds and notes. There are two types of this: convertible and non-convertible.

A convertible bonds has two distinct features that make them popular among investors. First is the bond function that will allow them to get consistent interest payments and second is the equity feature which allows them to convert the bond into a predetermined amount of shares at some point during the duration of the bond. Non-convertible debentures are simply bonds with a greater interest rate return. However, they don’t offer the equity feature of a convertible bond.

Investing in these has a number of advantages which makes it highly appealing and popular to stock buyers all over the globe. As mentioned earlier, these bonds follow market share prices. This means that if stock prices go up, so do the bond prices. These bonds only go up to about two-thirds as compared to stock prices but during price declines, the same thing holds true. While bond prices may go down, they will just be half of the decrease in stock prices.

One investing advantage of this is that the interest from the bond can be collected until such a time that stock prices reach the conversion ratio of the prices per share. These bonds are also a great way to protect yourself from market fluctuations while giving you the bonus of annual gains at the same time.

Convertible bonds also give you the opportunity to invest in technology stocks and receive income from them as well. While these types of stocks do not normally give dividends, this type of bond does so through yields. More and more small-capital and medium-capital companies, which hold great market potential, now offer these. And when you buy bonds from them, you will also profit from their growth. How? By simply converting these bonds to stock shares that have a higher value.

Investors continue to love convertible debentures because they have a good return on investment and they follow share price movement which can provide you with a much bigger return. Non-convertible debentures do not offer this feature.

The good thing with these types of bonds is that even if the conversion level is not reached, there is still a satisfactory return from the bond. What these offer is the best of both worlds: the safety feature of a bond and the potentially lucrative return of stocks. These are not very volatile, making it a great investment for those who like steady returns.

The important thing to remember before investing in these bonds is to study them and talk them through with your financial advisor. Also, you should learn a lot about stocks and bonds first so that you can properly deal with them.

The critic who wrote this piece has found a well respected investment relations vet by the name of Josh Yudell. Josh Yudell is also the Managing Director of a private equity fund and is credited with the creation and popularization of a funding vehicle known as a PSSO (Private Secondary Shareholder Offering).

Can I benefit From a Managed Forex Account?

If you have some capital to invest but are a little unsure of the options available, one more to through in the works is a forex managed account. Wherever you invest you are going to want to know your money is in safe hands. If you have an appetite for big returns on your investment then a managed forex account could be for you.

Many forex traders spend hours working out their next move. If you are keen to invest but do not want to put the time in or are unsure what it is all about, then let a forex managed account take all that stress away for you.

If spending hours in front of the computer studying the markets does not sound like fun and you do not have the confidence to succeed in something you are new too. Then put your investment in the safe hands of a forex managed account.

There is no need to pool your money into one big investment strategy or be part of a scheme that involves sharing the profits amongst lots of people. A forex managed account is simply your forex spread betting account being traded by a professional trader.

You are told which forex broker to use by the forex manager, all you have to do is set up the account and fund it with the money you wish to trade with. The company cannot withdraw money or add money to the account on your behalf. The money and profits will remain in your broker account until you choose to make withdrawals.

It is important that you use a company that has a ‘no win no fee’ policy that way you can be assured that it is their best interests to see you in profit. The cost of using a managed account will vary from company to company but you can expect to pay anything between 20-50%. You should not have to pay any other fee including if the manager makes a loss.

Forex managed accounts may use different strategies for trading with your account, it may be managed by a professional trader that uses their vast experience in the industry to make you consistent profits. Your account may be operated using Meta 4, automated software that will run on the account making trades all day long based on instant market analysis.

Money laundering laws prevent any betting accounts having the funds withdrawn to a different location than from where they originated. This means you will always have complete control over your money and the only person able to make withdrawals and deposits will be you.

The broker platform that is used will hold detailed descriptions of the trades that have been executed. You will have access to all the information regarding the trades and the profits and losses made.

If you are unsure about how to trade FX the a forex managed account could be the best choice for you. Trust your investment with a professional forex managed account. This article, Can I benefit From a Managed Forex Account? is available for free reprint.

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